School governor

Being a school governor can be a very rewarding job. You have the opportunity to shape the development of your local school or a school of your choice. You will also be involved and aware of the latest developments in the way that children are being educated. If you have children this can be a very invaluable thing.

There are normally a team of governors on any one school you will have Teacher governors, Parent Governors and Local Education Authority (LEA) Governors. It is usually the LEA that will be the route for someone outside to apply for a school that their child does not already go to.

Due to the fact that there is no remuneration being a school governor is more of a vocation than a financially rewarding pastime but that should not stop anyone. For this reason however many schools do find it difficult to find a full complement of governors.

If you are considering being a school governor and would like to know more then please contact us and someone from the association will talk through with you what is expected and help you get started once you have picked a school that you would like to work on.