There are two types of canvassing that Greenwich Conservatives do - door to door canvassing and telephone canvassing.

Telephone canvassing usually takes place at Conservative Central Office in Central London.  A team gets together on a pre-arranged evening, and ring round people to discuss any local issues they may have.

We normally organise teams of door-to-door canvassing during the day and some evenings.  We try and visit as many people as we can in the time we have and establish any issues they may have.  As we do this in a team there is a lot of fun and enjoyment had by all and normally after we all retire somewhere more comfortable for a drink and a rest.

If you find you would like to do either type of canvassing or even just sit in or go out with us one time to see what it is like then please contact us and someone will be happy to get in touch with you.