Election Day

On any given election day, the culmination of weeks of campaigning comes to a head with our "get out the vote" operations.  The idea is that we ensure that as many Conservatives as possible actually go to the polling station and vote for our candidates.

To do this there are several important jobs on polling day itself: 

We try to man as many polling stations as possible with tellers.  Tellers collect the polling numbers of those who have been to vote so that our office can cross them off the list and they should not be contacted again throughout the day to remind them to vote.  Telling usually happens with members of the opposition parties, and is usually good humoured and a pleasant way to pass an hour or two.

Back at the office a committee room operation takes place.  Here the results of the tellers' slips are collated and marked off registers of known Conservative voters.

Those whom canvassers have previously identified as Conservative voters, who have not been crossed off the register are then "knocked up" throughout the day.  This involves calling on people to remind them to vote.

Some of our supporters require transportation to the polling stations, so those who have cars and are able to offer lifts are also appreciated.

If you are able to help on any Election Day then please contact us with the type of assistance you are able to offer.