News from around Eltham North

An update from the Eltham North Conservative Councillors - Spencer Drury, Dermot Poston and Douglas Ellison.


Conservative Councillors have raised concerns about how the Cleansweep programme is working.  In particular we believe the system is far too reactive.  The Cleansweep manager for Eltham North works extremely hard to answer complaints, but seems to lack the manpower to conduct the regular street cleaning and weeding activities which residents require.  Once again we believe the system is at fault rather than the individuals working in it.

 Strongbow Crescent

Cllr Poston has been very active on the behalf of residents of Strongbow Crescent, dealing with anti-social behaviour orders in the area.

 Glenlea Road

Cllr Ellison is continuing to try and move the coaches on Glenlea Road to a better location.  Previously the firm had tried to use Footscray Rugby Club par park, but were told this was against planning rules.