Securing a tangible Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan

Local Conservative councillors last night secured support for a Town Hall amendment to strengthen Greenwich Council’s approach to climate change, including through a new Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan that will now be developed and brought to a vote in January.

Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Cllr Matt Hartley and the Opposition Group’s environment spokesperson Cllr Matt Clare proposed and seconded the amendment to improve a cross-party motion declaring a ‘climate emergency’ and setting a target for the Royal Borough of Greenwich to become carbon neutral by 2030.  

The amendment strengthened the Council’s approach to climate change by making 3 key additions:

  • A 2030 “or earlier if possible” aspiration, as well as a high-level commitment that the Council will take steps to avoid adverse impacts on vulnerable residents in delivering on this pledge
  • A requirement for a new tangible ‘Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan’ to be developed and voted on at the Full Council meeting in January 2020
  • A Greenwich Climate Emergency Annual Report, to be published every January between 2021 and 2030 - so that councillors, residents and campaigners can hold the Council to account for its progress

Councillor Matt Hartley, Leader of Greenwich Conservatives, said:

“I am really pleased that our amendment to strengthen the council’s approach through a new Greenwich carbon neutral plan has won unanimous support.  Crucially, this plan will also have to be brought back to full council for debate and a vote in January. We are keen to work with anyone interested in working with us to develop practical ideas to lobby for as the plan is developed.

“Climate change isn’t an issue of left or right, or Labour or Conservative – and I am pleased we have now agreed a firm cross-party consensus on this for the long term.”

Conservative councillors are inviting residents to contribute ideas to feed into the new Greenwich Carbon Neutral Plan - find out more at