Coronavirus update: Launch of the new RBG Community Hub

Amidst the unprecedented Coronavirus outbreak, the Royal Borough of Greenwich has set up a centralised volunteering programme enabling residents to sign up to help others in the community - with delivering food, medicines, dog walking or staying in touch to reduce the risks around social isolation.

You can sign up to volunteer here and here are the details to pass to anyone who may need to access help:

Phone: 0800 470 4831

Councillor Matt Hartley, Leader of Greenwich Conservatives, said:

"We took the decision at a very early stage to effectively suspend local politics on the Council for the duration of this unprecedented crisis - and the Opposition Conservative Group is giving its full support to the administration in responding to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are in regular contact with the Leader of the Council, Cabinet Members, the Chief Executive and senior council Officers and are helping wherever we can. As ward councillors, we are also helping our residents to access help and support in various ways, including through our casework, and by setting up new ward-level Coronavirus Community Response Networks to bring together and co-ordinate local community, residents and faith groups."

"The Council's launch of the new Community Hub, in partnership with Charlton Athletic Community Trust, is a really important step and we congratulate everyone who has helped to make it happen.  The response from local residents and community groups to this crisis has been incredible, and the new Community Hub will channel this energy by making sure that help reaches people who are vulnerable across the borough."

"As our borough, like the rest of the country, works its way through the coming weeks and months, we will continue to work across party lines to help organise the enormous, whole-community, response that Covid-19 demands."