Our Plan to Make a Difference in Greenwich

Manifesto cover and pledges

In this local election, you have the chance to choose who represents you at the Town Hall, where Labour has been in power for 50 years. They are now seeking to win every seat on the Council, eliminating opposition voices and turning Greenwich into a one-party Borough, with only Labour councillors deciding what happens locally. We believe that would be deeply damaging and wrong, and are seeking your vote to stop it from happening.

Just because we are not in power on the Council, it doesn’t mean we are powerless to help local people. We can point to a solid record of achievement where our initiatives have directly led to change across the Borough: From exempting the poorest residents from Council Tax to the £1 million investment in our parks and the new “Shop Local” campaign. All these and more were initiatives we proposed and succeeded in getting done.

Whilst we would like to win control of the Council, we know that it is unlikely to happen at this election. Instead, we are focused on the important role we play as the only opposition to Labour locally. We believe that a strong local opposition is healthy to our democracy, and this manifesto sets out how we aim to continue with our important job of holding Labour to account for the decisions they take, which affect us all.

You can read our full manifesto for the local elections by downloading it below:


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Greenwich Conservatives launch Our plan to Make a Difference locally

Greenwich Conservatives have published our manifesto for the local Council elections on 5th May. "Our Plan to Make a Difference in Greenwich" sets out how local Conservative councillors will continue to stand up for local people and provide a strong opposition to Labour at the Town Hall.