Conservatives push road repairs and street cleaning up the agenda

Local Conservatives have successfully pushed road repairs and street cleaning up the agenda in Greenwich as the council's new four-year term gets started in earnest.

Helping to get Ingleside Gardens cleaned up

Blakcheath Westcombe Conservatives have helped get Ingleside Gardens cleaned up.

Kidbrooke with Hornfair Conservatives inspecting the weeds on Dursley Road

Chairman of Kidbrooke with Hornfair ward Matt Hartley with the ward Secretary Toni Hale saw first hand the overgrown areas of Dursley and Whetstone Roads on Saturday.  Many residents complained about the Labour Council's failure to take care of their area.

The council fails to keep Charlton's streets clean

Residents from all over Charlton have consistently raised concerns to their Charlton Conservative Team (Richard Shackleton, Louis McLean-Wait and James Garry) over the inability of the Labour council and their cleaning company, Cleansweep, to keep streets clean.

Concerns over the Green Chain

The amount of rubbish building up along the Green Chain Link has come in for sharp criticism from Kidbrooke councillor Graeme Coombes. Graeme lives right next to the Link, which runs past Mansergh Close and along Hornfair Park and has often seen examples of random fly tipping and a general accumulation of litter.

How long does it take to move a shopping trolley?

Conservative Peninsula Action Team member Charlie Easton has spent three months trying to get the Council’s street cleaning team (‘Cleansweep’) to remove some rubbish from the shrubbery of the Park Row car park. A summary of his experience is 4 phone calls, 3 call centre operatives, 2 polite "asks" on the street, 1 manager, 1 meeting and 10 weeks later: Cleansweep Remove a Shopping Trolley!

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