Labour’s new schools fiasco

Greenwich Conservatives have been pressuring Labour about their failure to keep their  promise to build new secondary schools for our children. Labour had said all the schools would be open in September 2009, but not a single one has been built.  

Children forced to go to Greenwich Schools?

Legislation introduced by the Labour government could be used to stop children living in Greenwich attending good schools in other boroughs. In January Labour’s schools adjudicator decided to stop around 70 students in Rugby crossing the boundary from Northamptonshire to Warwickshire because it undermined comprehensives in the former county.

A plan to improve schools

It’s a sad fact that Greenwich isn’t blessed with many good state maintained schools. Yet education is the most powerful means by which our children can be given the freedom to shape their future.

Bottom of the class for Greenwich Schools .... again

Yet again Greenwich secondary schools have come bottom of the league tables for GCSE results in London.  New figures published today

Greenwich Borough near bottom in latest school results

The results have been released of the key stage 2  test scores in English, Maths, and Science,

Changes to schools admission policy are a bureaucrat's dream

Conservatives in Greenwich today called changes to the schools admission policy a “bureaucrat’s dream” as it takes the

Democracy at Abbey Wood School

Eltham North councillor Spencer Drury visited Abbey Wood School, in Abbey Wood today as part of Local Democracy Week.

"Building Schools for the future"collapses

Conservatives have today found that Greenwich Council’s PFI project to rebuild five secondary schools in the borough

Better Education - your Right to Choose

Labour is not improving Greenwich schools, which have consistently dropped down the league tables - last year our secondary schools were the worst i

Bottom of the class for Greenwich schools

Let no-one be in any doubt - there are some wonderful examples in Greenwich and Woolwich of how our education system should w


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