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Conservative councillors stop mast on Court Road

Conservative councillors Matt Clare and Adam Thomas were pleased to be informed on Friday that the proposed Telephonica O2 UK phone mast for the corner of Court Rd and Middle Park Avenue has been refused permission by Greenwich Council.  Planners also informed the applicants that the council now considers this a site inappropriate for siting phone masts. 

Phone Mast application in - we want to hear from residents

This week Waldon Telecom, on behalf of Telefonica O2, have submitted their planning application for a 12.5 metre phone mast and cabinet on the corner of Court Road and Middle Park Avenue.  The application is now undergoing a public consultation.

Conservative councillors take action on proposed phone mast for Court Road


Your Conservative councillors in Eltham South have recently been made aware by Telephonica O2, of their proposal to install a mobile telecommunications base station (commonly known as a phone mast) on the corner of Middle Park Avenue and Court Road.

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