Greenwich’s Labour Council refuses to attend police meetings

Questions from Parliamentary Spokesman Cllr Spencer Drury, have revealed that Greenwich is the only major borough to refuse to attend London police meetings intended to reduce the level of youth violence, anti-social behaviour and disorder.

More Police, Lower Council Tax

Greenwich Conservatives’ proposals to introduce more police and reduce Council Tax were rejected by Labour as part of the annual budget debate in the spring.  

Local Conservative puts up Neighbourhood Watch signs

In April, James Garry, Conservative Spokesman for Charlton, helped to fix the first Neighbourhood Watch signs to lampposts in Eastcombe Avenue. The newly founded Neighbourhood Watch scheme will help to raise awareness about crime & safety in Eastcombe Avenue and surrounding areas.

Burglars see Greenwich as "risk free"

Conservatives are very concerned over a new report from the Labour Government admitting that burglars now regard robbing people’s

Crime still rising in Greenwich

Figures out today from the Metropolitan Police Authority show that crime is still rising in the London Borough of Gr

"Make women safer" - Norris campaign

Steve Norris has launched a seven-point plan aimed at making women feel safer on the streets of London.  When elected Mayor in the June 10 election, the Conservative candidate would introduce teams of security officers to guard Tube trains and buses after 10 pm, would clean up stations and introduce more CCTV cameras and special "panic-buttons", and would crackdown hard on illegal mini-cab drivers.

Zero tolerance for London's criminals

Steve Norris has stepped up his bid to become London's mayor with a pledge to confront the capital's crime crisis with a New York-style "zero tolerance" law and order crackdown. Launching the first of a series of new campaign posters, the Conservative candidate said he would recruit the team set up by former mayor Rudy Giuliani - which slashed New York's crime rate by two thirds in just eight years.

Livingstone's violent London

Conservative Mayoral candidate Steve Norris has pledged more police on the streets following crime figures confirming London as Britain's most violent city.  Statistics issued by the Metropolitan Police reveal a "relentless rise" in violent crimes in the capital, with Londoners facing a one-in-forty chance of being attacked on the streets.


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