Action to Renew New Eltham

Mayor's fund is helping transform New Eltham village centre

Greenwich Conservatives raise Olympic barrier concerns

Greenwich Conservatives have raised concerns over the placing of barriers on the route to the Olympic Events in Greenwich Park. Traders have complained that the barriers in the town centre and Olympic volunteers have directed spectators away from the market and other shops, leading to a fall in expected trade.

Eltham Councillors speak to traders over riot fears

Conservative Councillors have visited Eltham High Street to talk to traders about fears of violence spreading from other parts of London, and thanked the police for their efforts to protect the community.  (L-R): Councillors Matt Clare and Adam Thomas (Eltham South ward); Councillor Nigel Fletcher (Eltham North ward).

Supporting Blackheath Shopkeepers

Conservatives and traders are concerned about the future of the shops at the Standard. The temporary closure of the library has meant the shops have seen a drop in trade. The recession and the Labour council’s rent rises, have also added to the shops problems.

David Gold & Justine Greening MP talk to local shop owners

David Gold (Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham) and Justine Greening MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields listen to the concerns of local shopkeepers about their business and the state of the economy.

- 15th March 2010

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