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Shooters Hill Candidates for 2010

Your Shooters Hill councillor candidates for 2010.

Labour Council ignore residents concerns over phone masts

Shooters Hill conservatives recently met with local residents over con

Red Lion Lane - one way traffic

Conservatives have campaigned for one way traffic in Red Lion Lane, including a petition to Greenwich Council. Greenwich Council have refused to find the cash to make this road safer, despite spending vast sums on a variety of less important projects. Your Labour Councillors (when in the country) have paid little attention to this issue until elections started to loom.

Conservatives want to help our local economy

Local businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the recession. The tragic pictures of businesses on Swingate Lane on Shooters Hill are indicative of widespread failings of Greenwich Council across the borough. Abandoned buildings also attract crime and antisocial behaviour, with graffiti and vandalism being the primary concerns.

Saving Severndroog Castle

File 453Your local Conservative

Action in Shrewsbury Park

During the summer members of the Shooters Hill action team met with the Chair of the Friends of Shrewsbury Park to discuss a number of issues. One of the persistent problems experienced

Crossings at Shooters Hill

Maureen Burgess writes: “When David Gold and I went to Woodlands Farm in the summer, one of their biggest worries was how teachers bringing classes of small children, for educational purposes, can safely get them across the very busy and fast moving road of Shooters Hill.

General Election 1997

1 May, 1997 (All day)
Election held 1st May 1997    


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