Shooters Hill

Repairs to the Shooters Hill Rose Garden

Councillor Spencer Drury has reported the water leak in the Shooters Hill Rose Garden below Kenilworth Gardens and received a promise that repairs will take place.

Shooters Hill Ward Branch AGM

Monday, 11 March, 2013 - 20:00 to 21:00

If you live in Shooters Hill and are interested in attending please email the Chairman Mo Burges via the website

Meeting taking place on Monday 11th March at 8pm at 74 Westmount Road, SE9 1JE.

Missiles on Oxleas Meadow

On Saturday 5th May, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Spencer Drury saw (what we think must be) the Armed Forces Air Security Testing Exercise on Oxleas Meadow. Previously the Army asked the Council to distribute a leaflet with answers to frequently asked questions which includes the following Frequently Asked Questions section:-

An equestrian centre for Shooters Hill

Secretary of Kidbrooke with Hornfair Conservatives, Toni Hale, writes:


Jack Woods in the snow

The cuts to parks services are hidden in the snow where the range of cans, plastic bags and even traffic cones are covered with a clean white layer.  Conservatives believe that there has to be an improvement in the care for our woodlands and Labour must not be allowed to keep building over our green spaces.

Conservative Leader over-ruled on cost of equestrian centre

On Thursday evening Leader of the Opposition Cllr Spencer Drury revealed publically that the full cost of the new Equestrian Centre on Shooters Hill is more than £4m and called for it to be stopped as a waste of money.


Labour spend £3.1 m for 'Olympic Legacy' in Shooters Hill

Greenwich Council has been anxious, even desperate, to have some tangible legacy from its status as an Olympic host Borough.  All well and good but some might find it a strange legacy that requires the recipient to pay for it!   In this case the Council is preparing to stump up £3.1m as a contribution to an Equestrian Centre at 341 Shooters Hill Road.


Plumstead Common Road - the most dug up road in London?

CONSERVATIVES in Greenwich have discovered that Plumstead Common Road has been dug up approximately 500 times over the last two years.  That’s the equivalent of a different hole in the road every day and a half

Following complaints by a resident on the road, Conservative leader Cllr Spencer Drury questioned the council about the work.  He received the following reply:

Shooters Hill Candidates for 2010

Your Shooters Hill councillor candidates for 2010.


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