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School governor

Being a school governor can be a very rewarding job. You have the opportunity to shape the development of your local school or a school of your choice. You will also be involved and aware of the latest developments in the way that children are being educated. If you have children this can be a very invaluable thing.

Social events

Most social events are organised by individual branches. Some major events are also organised by the Federation as a whole.

We have all kinds of events from coffee mornings, race nights, barbeques, quiz nights and dinners with guest speakers. We are always looking for our next event for many reasons: mainly it keeps up the social interaction of our members and the other is it raises money which is always good for the Federation ensuring we have sufficient funds to fight our election campaigns.

Election day

On any given election day, the culmination of weeks of campaigning comes to a head with our "get out the vote" operations.  The idea is that we ensure that as many Conservatives as possible actually go to the polling station and vote for our candidates.

To do this there are several important jobs on polling day itself: 

Displaying posters

Displaying a poster is always a good thing. It makes the opposition know that we are still there, we haven't and wont go away.

With this in mind if you can display a poster no matter where you are in the Borough please contact us and we will get one out to you.


There are two types of canvassing that Greenwich Conservatives do - door to door canvassing and telephone canvassing.

Telephone canvassing usually takes place in the Geneva Call Centre at Conservative Central Office in Central London.  A team gets together on a pre-arranged evening, and ring round people to establish their voting intensions.

Delivering leaflets

This is probably the easiest thing, anyone who wants to help can do. It is almost going for a nice walk and just posting a few leaflets on the way - good for the constitution!  We do try and get leaflets out to most wards at least three times a year just to ensure they know what is going on and how hard we are actually working on their behalf.

Local councillor

Every four years, all 51 seats on Greenwich Borough Council come up for election. Your local Conservatives are determined to win as many of these seats as possible. To do that, we need to find good candidates now.

We are looking for people of all ages (you have to be at least 18 at the election), from all the different communities that live in this area and from all walks of life. All they have to have in common is an interest in their local community and a commitment to Conservative principles.

General Election 1997

1 May, 1997 (All day)
Election held 1st May 1997    

Kidbrooke By-election 1997

6 February, 1997 (All day)

Election held 6th February 1997


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