Labour’s failure with Cleansweep

The residents of Beaconsfield Road, Beaconsfield Close, Hardy Road and Ingleside Grove are being let down by Cleansweep. Cleansweep is supposed to administer the grounds maintenance of Ingleside Gardens which is also know locally as "The Triangle", but in recent months this has lapsed. After investigations by your local Conservative Councillors it appears that the public space which is used especially by Dog-Walkers and young children had been forgotten about.

Dog Walkers can no longer use the dog litter bin provided because it has not been emptied and young children who play football, who can no longer play as the grass is too long.

One local resident noticed that if they were to let their plants grow onto the pavement then they would have a letter from the council saying that they must be cut back, as can be seen from the photographs this is a problem for the residents surrounding "the Triangle".

 If you have noticed a problem with litter, graffiti or other environmental problems then contact them on 020 8921 4661. You can also contact your local Conservative Councillors Alex Wilson and Geoff Brighty.