Isn’t it time for a Conservative Mayor of Greenwich?

The new Mayor of Greenwich is Cllr Harpinder Singh (Labour). And the Conservatives welcome him as Mayor, we are sure that he will do a good job during his year as Mayor.

However the question was asked by Conservative Leader Spencer Drury "Why can't we have a Conservative Mayor?"

The Mayor is a non-political position, and the Mayor's duties resolve around acting as speaker for the Council Chamber and to represent the people of Greenwich. As the Conservatives have traditionally held areas of the south of the borough and with the opposition now representing 25% of the council we feel that once every 4 years of the term of the council an opposition mayor should be elected. The leader of the Liberal Democrats (Cllr Brian Woodcraft) in Greenwich agreed with Cllr Drury during his speech at the Inauguration of the Mayor.  

However it would appear that Labour don't want to allow the areas which voted for the Conservatives to have a Mayor of their own.