A new Leader, a new Approach

David Cameron’s election last year as leader of the Conservatives has had an astonishing impact on the political scene, both nationally and at a local level. After years of uncertainty, voters are sensing that now there is a real opposition to an unpopular and discredited government, and an alternative for the future which is both fresh and exciting.

This has been reflected in the opinion polls, which now show the Conservatives either in the lead or at level pegging with Labour. Most people, whoever they vote for, would agree that a real debate and the arrival of a new face are good for the whole of our democracy. But of course, the enormous media interest should not lead to complacency. The Conservatives will continue to put their new message across – and this has never been more important than at the long-neglected local level. Under David Cameron, local issues, and the ability of local people to have control and influence over who makes the important decisions, is at the top of the list of our priorities.

Years of centralising Labour government have left people feeling powerless and cynical. This needn’t, and shouldn’t, be the case. Localism is central to conservatism – and the Conservatives under David Cameron will lead the way to a fresh approach to local issues.