Local Survey identifies key concerns

A survey conducted by your local Conservative team has identified a number of issues which raise concern for local residents.  The responses that where raised will be given to the local Conservative Party to help develop its future policies. 


The main concern to people was the level of crime, over 90% of people surveyed said that crime was a concern to them.  To see that crime has become more of an issue for local people is of no surprise given that since April and September last year alone actual bodily harm in Greenwich increased by 52%.  But 63% of those surveyed said that they couldn’t remember or had never seen a policeman walk down their street.  Crime and the fear of crime is a growing problem and if not tackled soon the issue could become worse, therefore Conservatives believe that the more police that are seen to be out and about the more effective they will be.    


The second major issue was street cleaning.  The quality of our urban environment is important to us all, as it can encourage urban regeneration and improve safety.  Given this not only is rubbish and graffiti common but the local parks and amenity land are in a poor state of repair. 


If you would like to take part in our survey then just click the survey button at the top of the page.