Proposed Swimming Pool is Not Up to Standard

The specifications for the swimming pool in the new £20 million leisure complex at Sun Yard in Eltham have been criticised as not being up to standard and a missed opportunity.   Conservative Councillors in Greenwich have said that the new development would have been an ideal time to provide new and improved facilities which would benefit the whole of Greenwich.  However the proposed plans do not cater adequately for users such as sub-aqua groups and divers.  This is due to the pool’s overall depth, just 2 metres, which is the bare minimum requirement.  Conservative Councillor Spencer Drury also pointed out that given Greenwich’s Olympic Borough status surely this would be an ideal time to improve the provision of Swimming Pools in Eltham by making the new development contain a 50m swimming pool, instead of the purposed 25m, this way the borough’s children will be able to learn to swim in a competition sized pool, in preparation for the 2012 games.  Conservatives will use redevelopment opportunities to improve facilities and service delivery not make cut backs