Climate camp arrives in Blackheath

Thousands of climate change protesters have settled on the Heath where they plan to make camp for a week. Starting from the tea hut and spreading out over the heath, the protestors claim, on their website, that they have chosen Blackheath because it is within view of the City and near the River Thames. The police are monitoring the situation and filmed the protestors as they arrived. 

Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Councillor Alex Wilson who lives near the site and visited the camp within hours of them arriving said “Lewisham council representatives were there immediately but I was disappointed by Greenwich council who yet again in our opinion, have been very slow in responding. Comments I have seen suggest that Greenwich Council feels it is nothing to do with them, even though it will clearly affect Blackheath Westcombe residents. If any residents have any issues or problems do feel free to contact your Conservative Councillors as we are keeping a close eye on the situation.”

Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Cllr Spencer Drury said: "As a long-term member of Friends of the Earth, I fully support the environmental agenda and efforts to deal with climate change, but I do not feel that this camp, in the middle of one of the greenest residential areas of London is an appropriate way to promote the environmental message.  Indeed, I suspect that it may attract negative publicity and so damage more serious attempts to deal with green issues in a constructive, long-term way.  I am not sure why Blackheath has been identified as the right place for this camp as previous events have been by notable polluting venues like Heathrow or Drax power station"