Greenwich Council on another planet?

The Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham has accused Greenwich Council of being out of touch with the vast majority of Greenwich residents following an announcement on the Council website about the Borough’s 5th car free day.

The news item opens with the line “Leave the Porsche in the driveway”, an order which left David Gold astonished. 

David (pictured right) said, “What planet are these people on?   Have they visited the Ferrier Estate recently?   Have they any idea how much of a struggle ordinary day to day life is for many residents of this borough?   The suggestion that people can afford a Porsche is as insulting as it is ridiculous.   They should get out of their ivory towers and see what real life is about”.

He added, “I totally support efforts to clean up the local environment, to encourage greater awareness of pollution and to get people walking rather than driving short distances, but the message is blunted by such rank stupidity and insensitivity.   There are many in Eltham who rely on public transport and cannot afford a car at all, let alone a top of the range sports car.   Whoever is responsible for this statement should apologise.”