Don't let Prescott ruin Dome Deal

Greenwich Conservatives have accused Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott of jeopardising the Borough's bid to host the UK's first 'Supercasino' after revelations about his meetings with the developer of the plan for the Dome.


Opposition Spokesman for Culture, Cllr Nigel Fletcher, has written to the Labour leader of Greenwich Council, Chris Roberts, expressing his anger that Mr Prescott's actions have 'tainted' Greenwich's bid.  He has also called on Cllr Roberts to disclose full details of any contacts Council representatives have had with Mr Prescott or his officials regarding the Casino application. 

Cllr Fletcher (pictured right) said, "Many people - myself included - believe a casino at the Dome will be a huge boost to the regeneration of the peninsula, and bring great benefits to Greenwich.  But it is vitally important that the Casino bidding process is seen as fair and above-board. 

 "John Prescott's clumsy and ill-advised interventions have tainted Greenwich's bid, and my great fear is that they could actually damage our chances of winning the licence.  If we do win, we want to win on the merits of the arguments, not be said to have benefited from cosy chats the Deputy Prime Minister may have had".