Labour NHS cuts threaten patient care

Greenwich Conservatives have expressed concern at new figures showing worsening NHS deficits across the country. Inconsistent and poorly-planned Government policies have forced the NHS £1.3 billion into the red, with NHS organisations now forced to respond to such massive deficits by making widespread cutbacks to frontline services.


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich has been forced to close wards, cut beds and look at redundancies in front line care positions to make up it's £19.2m shortfall.

We very much value the hard work of public sector workers within the NHS. But the financial mismanagement by Ministers in Whitehall is putting frontline services at risk. Across the country, local hospitals are having to make cuts because their budgets are in the red. These figures will only serve to further deepen the crisis of confidence in the Government’s stewardship of the NHS.

Patients, nurses and doctors deserve far more from the Government than botched reorganisations, inconsistent policies and now cutbacks and closures. It is clear that Labour can no longer claim to be the party of the NHS.