Greenwich Council hiding facts on Casino plan

Conservatives in Greenwich have criticised the Labour Council for withholding a crucial report on the possible effects of the Supercasino being proposed for the Millennium Dome.  The plan has this week reached the Government's shortlist of possible sites for the first such casino in the country.

The Council commissioned a report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) into the impact a Casino would have on the area, and quoted some of its findings in support of their application to the Government.  As well as listing the expected positive effects,  the application notes:  "In terms of negative impacts, the PwC study found that problem gambling is the social risk with the highest potential impact and the highest level of uncertainty. The costs and social impacts of problem gambling can be substantial".

Despite these important issues, Council Leader Chris Roberts has refused to publish the full report, or to allow opposition Councillors to see it, "as it contains commercially sensitive information".   


Cllr Nigel Fletcher, Greenwich Conservatives' spokesman on Culture and Community (pictured right) told, "Whether you are in favour of a Super Casino in Greenwich or not, we should have the full facts about the possible impact this important development would have.  It is not good enough for Chris Roberts to be hiding this report. 


"Councillors regularly see sensitive information on a confidential basis, and this should not stop 99 per cent of this report from being published more widely.  I am writing to Cllr Roberts asking that he takes action to ensure Councillors can have all available information, and that the public are properly informed".