Montbelle School site awaits appeal decision

George Wimpy, developers of the old Montbelle School site are appealing against the decision of the Council's planning committee not to give planning consent to the proposed development for the location.


Conservative Councillors Chris Taylor and John Hills both spoke at the hearing against the application, because of issues of overdevelopment and inappropriate style buildings, including the proposed flats on the Montbelle Road side of the development. Chris said, "We sent out letters to all residents in the surrounding area because this issue returned to the planning committee with little notification. We wanted to make sure residents had a chance to be consulted".

John said, "We do not object to a development on site, and the time that has elapsed since the school closed now means we  have a run down and vandalised chunk of land at the heart of New Eltham.

However whatever goes in its place needs to be appropriate and in keeping with surrounding homes. We will continue to represent resident's views at the upcoming planning enquiry that will occur as a result of the appeal.”