Plumstead Leisure Centre could close

Under questioning from Conservative Councillors in January, Greenwich's Labour Council was forced to admit that it could not guarantee that Plumstead Leisure Centre would remain open. In the past year the Council has started putting forward the position that the leisure centre in Plumstead had become “untenable” because the centre was in a “serious state of disrepair”.


It is certainly true that the centre is in need of work, but maybe this situation would have been less dire if the Council had not chosen to spend 63% of the maintenance budget for all the leisure centres in the borough on the Waterfront Leisure Centre in Woolwich in 2003/04.


Local resident Phil Hendren says “My family regularly use the leisure centre and it is a vital community focal point and part of our civic pride as Plumstead residents. The Labour Council argue that new developments in Greenwich and Eltham demonstrate their commitment to ‘investing in leisure services’ but we believe that Plumstead has been left bottom of the pile and losing our centre would be devastating for the community. As the Conservative team and users of the Leisure centre we will fight this 100%.”