Introducing the Blackheath Westcombe team

Blackheath Westcombe Conservatives are currently working hard to highlight your concerns about crime, the council tax, educational standards and the local environment.  All the team have strong links with this part of the borough.  Together with Cllr Rhodri Harris they are determined to stand up for the people of Blackheath Westcombe.



Geoff Brighty, (right), a lecturer, has lived in the ward for most of his life, and was first elected to Greenwich Council in 1982. Over the years he has acquired a reputation amongst voters for his accessibility and the importance he gives to a councillor’s casework – all those important individual problems which can so easily go unheard. Peter Whittle, (left), a journalist and TV producer, was a pupil at John Roan School, and has spent long periods living in the Ward over the past fifteen years. And likewise Alex Wilson, (centre), who recently completed an MSc in Urban Planning and Development, also attended John Roan, and has lived in the ward since he was a child. His family have had their own local business for over twenty years.


Over the past year Geoff, Peter and Alex have all been helping to conduct a borough-wide survey, which has helped to identify those problems which cause the greatest worry all those who live and work here. As Geoff says: ‘ After over thirty years of continuous control of the Council, Labour have left people disillusioned and disappointed - time is running out for them. We’ve found that people are increasingly looking to a revitalised and progressive Conservative Party to provide an alternative. Adds Alex: ‘The Conservative councillors here have an excellent record in standing up for the area. We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to continue and build on this success in 2006.’