Safer stations petition launched

Conservatives on the London Assembly have launched a London-wide petition calling for train stations in the capital to be made safer.  They want all Tube and overland stations to be manned from the first service to the last, better lighting and improved CCTV.


The call comes amidst growing concern in recent weeks that stations are unsafe. More than 229 stations are either unmanned or partially manned, according to a recent survey by the Evening Standard.

The Conservatives are urging Londoners to sign the petition “in their thousands” as a way of putting pressure on the companies responsible for train services in London to spend more on station security. Last year, these companies made more than £100million in profits.  They also want an extra 600 British Transport Police on the network. Last week, Mayor Ken Livingstone announced funding for 89 more officers, but the Conservatives say this is nowhere near enough.

Conservative Member Bob Blackman said, “Many Londoners do not feel safe using train and Tube stations. That is a completely unacceptable situation, especially when the solutions are obvious and relatively inexpensive. Having a manned presence at every station while services are running makes passengers feel safer and clearly acts as a deterrent to criminals. Better lighting and enhanced CCTV is also common sense. That is why we are urging Londoners to sign up to this petition in their thousands. The more signatures we get, the more pressure we can exert.”

The full text of the petition reads: “We demand that Train Operating Companies ensure every London station under their control is manned from the first service until the last, and that all stations are properly lit and monitored by CCTV.”

The petitions are being sent out to residents in neighbourhoods surrounding stations that are unmanned or partially manned. A letter attached to the petition asks them to disseminate copies amongst their local communities. Once the petitions have been completed they can be returned to City Hall where they will then be presented to both Mayor Ken Livingstone and the train operating companies.


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