Extension of Powers for Mayor in London

London Assembly Conservatives have warned they will fight all the way to block government plans to give Ken Livingstone extended powers over planning and housing issues that are currently dealt with by London’s Boroughs.



The warning comes in response to a consultation launched today by the government in to extending the powers of London’s Mayor, Ken Livingstone.

The Conservatives have welcomed the idea of reviewing the Mayor’s powers and support the idea of transferring power from central government and unelected quangos to the Mayor. But they oppose any form of power grab from the Boroughs.

Leader of the London Assembly Conservatives Bob Neill said, "We have said all along that a transfer of powers from central government and unelected quangos to the Mayor should be considered. But we have always made it clear powers that allow Ken Livingstone to meddle in the affairs of London's Boroughs are unacceptable.

“We therefore reject the Mayor’s preferred option of giving him far extended planning and housing powers over the Boroughs. This simply is not an option."

The Conservatives however welcomed news that the government has rejected past suggestions from the Mayor for ‘call-in’ powers on major planning applications to be transferred from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to City Hall.

They have also said a suggestion by the government to make the Mayor Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority – the body that oversees the Met police – “deserves serious consideration”.

Mr. Neill added: “In theory, this change would make the Mayor more directly accountable to Londoners on policing issues. That has to be a good thing. This idea therefore deserves serious consideration.”


story from: www.glaconservatives.com