Livingstone stonewalls on Kiley resignation

Ken Livingstone today refused to give details of the dramatic resignation last week of his Transport Commissioner Bob Kiley. Conservatives reacted angrily to the Mayor’s stonewalling. They say the whole episode remains “shrouded in mystery” and that is not good enough when Londoners are paying inflation-busting fare increases.


Mr. Kiley resigned last Thursday, three year’s before his multi-million pound contract was due to expire. He will however stay on as a consultant to the Mayor and remain in his grace-and-favour Belgravia townhouse.

Under repeated questionning this morning from journalists, the Mayor refused to provide details of Mr. Kiley’s pay-off and the consultancy contract he will now take up. He did however admit that reports in the press that the overall figure could be between £1 and £1.5milion “aren’t wildly inacurate”.

Conservative Member Angie Bray said, “This whole episode remains shrouded in mystery and that is not good enough. Londoners who have been forced to pay inflation-busting fare increases three year’s running deserve a full explanation.

“The secrecy surrounding Mr. Kiley’s deal only raises speculation that there is something fishy going on. Perhaps this all involves a gagging-order of some type? Whatever is going on, we need answers from Mr. Livingstone.”


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