Kiley – too many Unanswered Questions

Conservatives on the London Assembly have written a letter to Mayor Ken Livingstone demanding a full explanation for the resignation yesterday of his transport supremo Bob Kiley.


The Conservatives say there are too many unanswered questions about the resignation and especially the deal struck whereby Mr. Kiley will stay on as a transport ‘consultant’ to the Mayor and keep his multimillion-pound Belgravia townhouse at taxpayers’ expense until 2008.

Chairman of the London Assembly Transport Committee and Conservative Member Roger Evans said, “If Mr. Kiley is no longer good enough to be the Mayor’s transport supremo why is he staying on as a consultant and living in a luxury Belgravia townhouse at the taxpayers’ expense? There is something not quite right here.”

The Conservatives have asked the Mayor:

· What was the cause of his resignation? Was it by mutual consent?

· How much will this cost the taxpayer?

· What is the reasoning behind the decision to retain Mr. Kiley as a “consultant”?

· What are the exact details of the “consultancy”?

· Does the deal include a ‘gagging-order’ – preventing Mr. Kiley from talking to the press? If so, why?

· How and when will his successor be appointed? Will they receive the same generous pay package Mr. Kiley had?


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