Greenwich faces a modern-day ‘winter of discontent’

Greenwich Conservatives warned this week that Greenwich residents face a grim winter, already forecast to be the coldest for a decade. Yet in addition to the harsh temperatures:

• Flu jabs on the NHS are running out due to the Government under-estimating demand.
• A ‘chaotic’ energy policy has meant gas prices and heating bills are going through the roof, whilst some businesses might face the possibility of power cuts.
• Council tax bills, already at a record high, are forecast to rise by up to £100 from next April.
• The elderly, on fixed incomes, are the most likely to suffer from rising utility and council tax bills.

We fear that Greenwich faces a modern-day winter of discontent. Amidst some of the coldest forecast weather for a decade, heating bills are going the roof, flu jabs are running out and residents face an extra £100 on already-inflated council tax bills.

The Government must take responsibility for failing to plan in advance.  We are concerned that this winter the elderly and vulnerable in our society are most at risk from the Government’s stealth taxes and administrative bungling.