Mayor Bullying Londoners with Fare Increases

London Assembly Conservatives have accused Mayor Ken Livingstone of bullying Londoners after he announced a package of fare increases on buses and the tube that will massively penalise anyone travelling without an Oyster card. They also accused him of breaking his pre election promise not to increase fares.


Speaking at his weekly press conference this morning at City Hall, the Mayor announced:

· The cash single fare on buses and trams will increase from £1.20 to £1.50.

· Weekly bus passes will increase from £11 to £13.50.

· A tube Zone 1 Oyster fare will decrease from £1.70 to £1.50, but the cash price will rise to £3.

· Single tube journeys from Zones 2-6 will cost £1 on Oyster. The cash equivalent will be £3.

· Travelcard fares will increase on average by inflation plus 1%.


Conservative Transport Spokesperson Roger Evans said, “The Mayor is bullying Londoners into buying Oyster cards and it is not on. Londoners want the freedom to choose, not to be dictated to by the Mayor”

Roger also pointed out that if large numbers of Londoners switch to the discounted or frozen fares this would cause a glitch in the Transport for London’s revenue stream resulting in the need for significant increases to the price of travelling using Oyster cards.

“Passengers will be dismayed by these increases. Despite promises from the Mayor ahead of his re-election last year that he would not increase fares we had inflation-busting fare rises in January. Now we're getting them again. These have got to stop, as has Livingstone's habit of breaking promises.

Under this Mayor fares have rocketed, the council tax has more than doubled and the congestion charge has also increased by 60 per cent. The £20 a year cost to Londoners for the Olympics will also kick in this year. Livingstone always talks about each rise costing Londoners a few pence more each week, but if you add them together, they are costing the average family in London hundreds of pounds more. Whichever way you look at it, the Mayor is kicking Londoners where it hurts. It can't go on.”


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