Clock reset on revaluation ‘ticking tax timebomb’

Greenwich Conservatives this week welcomed the Government’s announcement that it is to postpone the planned council tax revaluation in England, but warned that the plans for local tax rises have merely been delayed not cancelled.


The Government have indicated that the controversial revaluation will be postponed until after a review of local government taxation by former Labour councillor, Sir Michael Lyons. During the general election, Conservatives called for the council tax revaluation to be cancelled outright in light of the experience in Wales, where revaluation has forced council tax bills to go through the roof.

Under Mr Blair, council taxes across Greenwich have already soared by 44 per cent – adding £359 a year to the typical bill. But We are concerned that future hikes are on the way, engineered by Whitehall. Behind the spin, Labour’s latest announcement is only a postponement – not a cancellation – of the revaluation, and we are still to find out what nasty surprises their review in local taxation will bring.

Only Conservatives have provided the effective opposition to these tax hikes – by contrast, both Clive Efford and Nick Raynsford voted in Parliament to support Government plans for revaluation and higher council tax bands. We fear that Labour’s third-term tax hikes planned for Greenwich are still to come, and all they have done is reset the clock on this ticking tax timebomb.