Burnt out cars soar by 66% under Labour

Greenwich Conservatives pointed this week to new figures obtained by Conservatives in Parliament that reveal that the number of burnt out cars across London has rocketed by 66%, rising from 2,972 a year in 1997 to 4,948 today. In turn, concerns have been raised that epidemic problem of car-dumping may worsen still with the implementation of new European regulations that will force up the costs of scrapping cars.

In addition, an embarrassing Government report, quietly published by John Prescott’s Department before the general election in March, has admitted that there has been “a huge increase in the number abandoned and unwanted vehicles being dumped on the streets and on wastelands across the country”.

Caroline Spelman MP, president of Greenwich Conservatives said, "It is not just many types of violent crime that are rising across Greenwich, but now our streets are getting dirtier and more dangerous. New official figures show that the number of burnt out cars has soared by 66% per cent under this Government – bad news which Labour would like to bury. Abandoned cars are hazardous for children and encourage more vandalism and crime in our neighbourhoods. 

"I am concerned that new regulations signed by the Labour Government will force the cost of car disposal to rise – a bill which is going to be met by car owners and council tax payers. Measures supposed to help the environment may end up worsening urban decay and encourage more vandalism and crime in our neighbourhoods.

"Conservatives believe we need to restore pride in our community, not just by getting more police officers on the streets, but also tackling the environmental problems that encourage an atmosphere of lawlessness in our community and adds to the fear of crime."