Mayor Livingstone is really taking the pee

As the lengthy dry spell in London continues, Mayor Ken Livingstone today urged Londoners to conserve water by “not flushing the loo just because you have a pee”. His comments have been characterised as “alarmist” by Conservatives on the London Assembly, who have questioned why the Mayor has not addressed the issue of water conservation before, if the situation is now so bad that such unappealing measures have to be taken.

The Mayor also asked Londoners to: take showers, not baths; stop using sprinklers in their gardens, and use buckets rather than hosepipes when washing their cars. He said if the current dry spell continues throughout the summer then this time next year London would see “standpipes in the streets”.

He said he will also ask the government for powers to bring in “compulsory water-metering” in the capital in an attempt to reduce water consumption in the long-term, which he says will outstrip supply by 6-10% by the end of the decade.

Conservative Environment spokesman Roger Evans said: “Water use is clearly an important issue but the Mayor is being a tad alarmist with his request that Londoners do not flush the toilet unless it is absolutely necessary. If the issue of water usage is so great that we have to consider such unappealing solutions then why has the Mayor waited so long to act. He should have tackled this issue long ago.”

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