London Underground is hotter than Miami

Following findings that show the tube is hotter and more humid than Miami. London Assembly Conservative Transport Spokesman and Chairman of the Transport Committee, Roger Evans has today condemned Transport for London’s failure to resolve the problem.


The findings used the “apparent temperature”, which takes into account both temperature and humidity to assess the temperature people feel, in the same way the “wind chill factor” is used in weather forecasts. The present heat wave - and trains that are already overcrowded - mean the "apparent temperature" has soared above 40C on many routes. This “apparent temperature’ shows that passengers are enduring conditions more typical of hot and humid tourist destinations like Miami.

Transport for London has made a series of suggestions to deal with the problem. Last summer the Mayor offered £100,000 to anyone who could find a workable solution to the problem, but unsurprisingly he never awarded the prize. More recently Tim O'Toole suggested that commuters travellers remember to have a shower before getting on the tube. The latest idea, mooted by Alan Jones the Mayors Chief Environmental Advisor is to inject cold water into the tunnels.

Roger Evans said:

"TFL have come up with all sorts of outlandish solutions like offering £100,000 to anyone who could cool the tube and the suggestion that everyone take a shower before getting on. The Mayor has raised the fares he should stop the gimmicks and start sorting things out.”

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