1 day to go: Vote for positive change tomorrow

The people of Britain should take a stand on Thursday, and vote for change, Conservative action, and a "Better Britain". 


That was the message pumped out by Michael Howard as he launched into a final round of campaigning before voters go to the polls on May 5.

Touring the west and east Midlands, the Conservative Leader reiterated the party's pledge of action on cleaner hospitals, more police, lower taxes, school discipline, and controlled immigration - backed by a timetable for eight specifics tasks to be triggered in the first 18 months of a new government.

And he stressed how the contrast between the Conservatives and both Labour and the Liberal Democrats could not be starker, with Tony Blair's only message confined to "don't let the Tories in", and Charles Kennedy promising an end to mandatory life sentences for murder, plus higher taxes and unlimited immigration.

"Mr Blair's hope is just to keep his job; and the Lib Dems will help him do that. Our hope is for a better Britain," Mr Howard said. Addressing crowds in Tamworth, Loughborough, and later Rushden, Northamptonshire, he went on:

"We believe Britons are ready for something better. They want a government that will take a stand and act on what matters; a government that does what it says. We have a detailed timetable for action - 8 specific tasks that will be my personal priority to see achieved."

He told voters: "So if you think what we think and want a better Britain too - you must send that message. It's time for action. Take a stand on the issues that matter. Vote Conservative."