2 days to go: A cautionary tale

Prime Minister Tony Blair, Chancellor Gordon Brown, and party spin-doctor Alastair Campbell were on a campaign trip this week, heading to the North of England by train, with all the press pack. But suddenly the train came to a complete stop.



Blair thought he had better find out what was happening, so went up to the front to speak to the driver.  "The engine's broken," he reported back to the press pack. "So I've set up an inclusive task force to examine the problem." Nothing happens.

So Brown goes up to the front, and reports back: "The engine's still broken, so I'm providing £5bn of new spending that will fix engines up and down the country." Still the train doesn't move.

Whereupon Campbell pulls down the window blinds and tells the press: "There. The train's moving."



Whilst this may be a joke, it illustrates a serious point.  Just because more money is being thrown at a problem, or that task forces and quangos have been set up, does not make the problem better.


The Labour Government have had eight years in power and should be judged on their record.  Enormous sums of money have been thrown at public services with little improvement, if any, seen in our schools and hospitals.  Millions of pounds have been spent on burgeoning bureaucracy and countless pointless targets have taken decisions out of the hands of local professionals and given more power to unelected bureaucrats.


Only the Conservatives offer real solutions this Thursday.


Vote Conservative on May 5th.