3 days to go: Howard's hope is for a better Britain

Michael Howard has delivered a rousing rally call to voters to back the Conservatives on Thursday - and unleash a dynamic action plan to create a better Britain.



Addressing hundreds of supporters at a major campaign event in London's Docklands, the Party Leader promised that if voted into power on May 5, he will use his mandate to open a new chapter of achievement in the nation's history. And he unveiled a detailed eight-point priority action programme that would get underway within days of his new administration taking office.

Mr Howard promised that on 9th May plans to prevent police officers having to fill in a form every time they stop a yob in the street would be unveiled; and on 6th June NHS trusts will have agreed to put matrons in charge of delivering cleaner hospitals, while a new 24-hour surveillance scheme to secure Britain's borders will have been set in train, with all 35 major British ports of entry operating under the scheme.

By 1st December schools will benefit from the expulsion of unruly pupils; and by April 1 next year, up to five million pensioners will have received their new council tax bills showing a discount of up to £500.

Five days later, the first young families will have benefited from the abolition of stamp duty on houses costing up to £250,000. And by September 1, 2006, university students will be freed from paying all tuition fees while Labour's planned top up fees will not happen.

Three months after that, the new government will create a single body to fight illegal immigration - the British Border Control Police - and their 7,400 strong force will be under one unified control.

Mr Howard told the Bank Holiday Monday campaign rally: "In three days' time, people will go to the polls. They can vote to keep things as they are. Or they can vote for a positive change. If they do, on Friday they will wake up to a brighter day for our country. Britain can aim higher, reach further, stand taller."

In a swipe at Tony Blair's record of failure, Mr Howard promised that if the Conservatives are elected to power, there would be "no pussy-footing around" or telling people what they want to hear. "People have had enough of spin and smirk; they just want someone who'll make things work. It's no use being a man of destiny if you can't be bothered with the details. People don't want a date with destiny. They just want a date with a dentist," he said.

Mr Howard was scathing about Labour's bid for a third term, contrasting Tony Blair's negative lack of vision and desperation to simply cling on to power, with the positive election message being promoted by the Conservatives.

"We've had eight years of waste and broken promises from Labour. Is that suddenly going to change if they get a third chance? I don't think so. They've had eight years. They had their massive majority in Parliament. And they've had their chance. For Mr. Blair, time is up."

As the election campaign enters its final stage, he said the Conservative message was clear: all about the future - more police, cleaner hospitals, school discipline, lower taxes and controlled immigration; while Mr Blair's only positive message for the future is 'don't let the Tories in'.

"That's it. That is the limit of his vision. All he wants to do is cling on to office, whereas my hope is for a better Britain," Mr Howard declared. "On Thursday our country can turn a new page. We can open a new chapter…a chapter of hope, a chapter of action, a chapter of achievement. Because there is no limit to what we, the British people, can achieve."


story from: www.conservatives.com