4 days to go: A personal message from Spencer Drury

To the voters of Eltham:


"As a local man, I know things don't feel right in our area. People feel that crime is rising, our schools aren't giving our children the start they deserve and despite the efforts of nurses and doctors, the NHS is failing to deliver.


"I believe the Conservatives have some of the answers to these problems, and will start to give back the powers to individuals that the present government has taken away."


Spencer Drury

Parliamentary Candidate




Conservatives will take Action in Eltham:


Eltham still only has 12 real police officers to cover the whole area.  Conservatives will put more police on the beat and make criminals serve their whole sentence.


Labour is putting up Council Tax again while extending means testing and raiding the pension funds.  Conservatives would give pensioner households up to £500 off their Council Tax and raise the basic state pension.


Our local hospital had to close operating theatres beacuase it had run up debts and struggled to meet targets.  MRSA infections at the QEH are up by 61% since 2001.  We will put a Matron back in charge of wards, end waiting lists and abolish targets.


Greenwich has one of the highest truancy rates in the country, and our secondary schools are the worst in London at GCSE.  Conservatives will give heads the right to control their own admissions and expulsions, and give parents more choice.


Labour are going to raise business taxes if re-elected and more shops will leave our area.  Spencer would free business from red tape, and support small shopping areas like New Eltham and Plumstead.


Eltham High Street needs a vision to renew it. Labour lacks that vision.  Spencer is pushing for investment in Eltham, and development of a strategy for the High Street.


Labour is allowing our parks, woodland and heritage sites to decay.  Spencer is fighting for buildings like Severndroog Castle to be restored, and increase the number of park keepers.