5 days to go: A personal message from Alistair Craig

To the voters of Greenwich and Woolwich:






"In 1997, Tony Blair promised us a 'New Britain'.  Since then, promise after promise has been broken.  Tony Blair's Labour Party have lost the trust of the British people.


"They had 'no plans' to increase National Insurance - then raised it; they had 'no plans' to impose top up fees on students - and then introduced them.


"Britain is going in the wrong direction under Labour.  We cannot continue down the path of ever rising taxes.  We need to get value for money by cutting out the waste and bureaucracy and putting more money into frontline services like schools and hospitals.


"And where we can we will lower taxes for hard working families in Greenwich, Woolwich, Kidbrooke, Blackheath and Charlton, like we will do across Britain.


"Power needs to be given back to the doctors, nurses and teachers who know better how to care for the sick or teach children than ministers in Whitehall; and to the parents and patients who will make the right decisions if only they are given the chance.


"And order needs to be restored in Britain.  The Government has lost control of rising crime.  It has lost control of our borders and has no idea of who is coming into or leaving our country - in an age of global terrorism, this poses a reat threat to our nation.


"Neither should you be under any illusions about the Liberal Democrats, who offer the same false solutions as Tony Blair - more government, more power to Brussels, higher taxes and a relaxed approach to crime and immigration.


"I am asking for your vote on the 5th of May.  Like most people I'm fed up with all Labour's talk and no delivery.  Only the Conservatives have a Timetable for Action which sets out what we will do and when we will do it.


"It's time to set Britain in the right direction by voting Conservative on May 5th."


Alistair Craig

Parliamentary Candidate

Greenwich & Woolwich