7 days to go: Seven reasons for voting Conservative next week

Spencer Drury, Alistair Craig and Chris Bromby are looking for your votes next week to send Tony Blair a message that voters in Greenwich cannot be taken for granted. 

Let's look at seven reasons why you should vote Conservative next Thursday:

1. Action on Crime - More Police

In Greenwich in the last three years, street crime is up by 43%, burglary by 14% and violent offences by 9%.  Fewer than one in ten burglars ever gets to court.

We will put an extra 108 police officers on the beat in Greenwich & Woolwich and 99 in Eltham, abolish form filling, end the early release scheme and make ciminals serve their full sentence.

2. Action for Older People - Raising Pensions

Labour have extended means testing, raided the pension funds and helped destroy occupational pension schemes.  At the same time Council Tax has risen much faster than pensions.

We will give pensioner households a discount of up to £500 on their Council Tax, raise the basic state pension, and reverse the spread of means tested benefits.

3. Action on Health - Cleaner Hospitals

Our local hospital had to close wards and cancel operations because it had run up debts and struggled to meet targets.  MRSA infections at the Queen Elizabeth are up by 61% since 2001.

We will fight the superbug by cleaning our hospitals properly, end waiting lists and abolish targets.

4. Action on Education - School Discipline

Greenwich Secondary schools are the worst in London at GCSE level.  Truancy rates are up by 53% since 1997, and the Government are closing schools for special educational needs.

We will give heads the right to run their own school, let parents choose the school they wish and increase the provision of places for students with special needs.

5. Action on Defence - Save Woolwich Barracks

Labour are closing Woolwich Barracks after 300 years, riding roughshod over a vital part of our community's identity.

We will stop Labour's reductions in our armed forces and we will fight to reverse the decision to close Woolwich Barracks.

6. Action on Spending - Lower Taxes

Tony Blair's Labour Party have raised tax 66 times.  Since 1997 Greenwich Council Tax is up by 44%, National Insurance is up, Stamp Duty is up, income tax allowances were frozen and Inheritance Tax catches more home owners than ever before.

We will match Labour's spending on health, education and transport and spend more on defence and the police.  We will slash £35 billion of waste to put more money into front line services and reduce taxes for hard working Britons.

7. Accountability

Tony Blair has lied to this country about tuition fees, about National Insurance and about the evidence for going to war in Iraq.  After promising his government to be "whiter than white", his administration has become synonymous with spin, broken promises and jobs for Tony's cronies.

We will be accountable to the British people.  Our Timetable for Action sets out a clear vision of what a Conservative Government would do and when they will do it.  If a minister does not come up to scratch then they will lose their job.