15 days to go: Conservatives welcome positive responses on doorsteps

At the half way point in the election campaign, Cllr Spencer Drury, the Conservative Candidate for Eltham, has welcomed the positive response he has had on the doorsteps across the constituency. 



Spencer, a teacher in the constituency, was born and brought up in Woolwich and Lee, and lives in Eltham with his wife and two children.   He says:  I am really enjoying this campaign, because people have been so positive to me on the doorsteps about our policies and the difference I could make as MP for this area.

“I want to fight a very positive campaign, putting forward our ideas.  These include fighting for Eltham to have more police, to open Eltham police station full-time, scrap Labour’s NHS targets and make sure Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have to close any more theatres. I will give pensioners a decent pension and reduce their council tax, improve discipline in schools and keep fighting for decent rail services through Eltham that Labour proposes to cut.

“Labour has claimed during this campaign that Conservatives have contempt for Council tenants.  My Nan lived her last years in a flat on Strongbow, my father was raised in a Council house on Horsefield Road in Eltham and my wife and her family are from the Downham estate (in fact her parents still live there).  In fact I know exactly how important Council housing is.   The facts are that Labour’s policies have reduced that level of social housing being built each year until it is now less than half the levels of ten years ago.  Labour has cut the Right to Buy Scheme.  My party is committed to reversing these changes and improving not just the standard of Social housing but also the quantity.

“Labour also claims that Conservatives have contempt for schools.  As a  teacher I find this particularly offensive.  I worked at a technology college for five years and know exactly how damaging labour’s policies have been. I want to give Head teachers the right to run the schools themselves, improve discipline and open more special schools”.