19 days to go: A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for higher taxes

Voting Liberal Democrat means voting for higher taxes, soft sentences for criminals, and uncontrolled immigration, Dr Liam Fox has warned.



Responding after the Lib Dems unveiled their election manifesto, the Conservative party's co-chairman pointed out that Tony Blair has said he can 'make common cause' with Charles Kennedy's party, and declared: "If you vote for the Liberal Democrats, the message you'll be sending Mr Blair is simple: 'Carry on, please, you're doing just fine'.

And launching a Conservative Party campaign poster about the Liberal Democrats in London, Dr Fox said: "On May 5, people who have been let down by Labour may be tempted to vote Liberal Democrat. But if those people are concerned about crime being out of control, about our immigration system being in chaos and about their taxes being too high, that would be the wrong thing to do.

"They may think that by voting Liberal Democrat they are supporting their local candidate. But every vote for the Liberal Democrats at this election is a vote to support higher taxes, softer sentences and uncontrolled immigration. Because that's what the Liberal Democrats support."

Dr Fox stressed how the Lib Dems refuse to put a ceiling on immigration - leaving it unlimited and uncontrolled; highlighted their support for higher taxes; and targeted their 'wrong priorities' on crime. "Rather than putting themselves firmly on the side of the victims of crime, they are more concerned about the rights of the criminals themselves. That's why they want to give prisoners the right to vote, why they think too many criminals are sent to prison, and why - as this poster shows - they support plans to scrap mandatory life sentences for murder and also for repeat rapists. "

He said: "People are quite right to decide not to reward Mr Blair for his 8 years of broken promises at this election. But a vote for the Liberal Democrats does just that. It won't send Mr Blair a message. The only way to do that is to vote Conservative.

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