26 days to go: 2 out of 3 Londoners feel crime is increasing

A major new London-wide crime survey shows 2 out of 3 Londoners feel crime is rising in the capital and is likely to continue to do so in the coming year. More than 110,000 residents were asked to take part in the survey in every one of the Capital’s 32 boroughs – with over 6,500 Londoners responding. 


The survey comes as crime takes centre stage in the election campaign.

Its results are striking:

  •  2 out of 3 Londoners feel crime is rising in London and that this situation will either stay the same or get worse in the coming year;
  • 45% were less than satisfied with the service they received from the police when they reported crime;
  • In the last year 21% of Londoners say they have seen more police on the streets, more than half say they have seen no change, and 26% say they have seen less;
  • More than 1 in 3 families have been the victims of crime recently.

Richard Barnes, Policing and Resilience Spokesman for the London Assembly Conservatives said, “This survey shows crime and the fear of crime are never far from Londoners' thoughts. One in three families say they have been victims of crime, more than two-thirds think crime will get worse in the next year, and four out of ten are less than satisfied with the service they receive from the police.


The task now is to address the concerns raised in this survey. That means working to release Police from the burden of paperwork so that they can get back to where they belong–fighting crime on our streets. It means Police working ever more closely with communities to build relations in an effort to tackle people’s fear of crime. And it means the Police improving the service they provide when the public reports a crime.”


story from www.glaconservatives.com