It’s official: families are worse off under Labour

Alistair Craig has pointed to new figures showing that since 1997, average incomes have declined for first time and hard-working families have become poorer. The analysis of new government figures by the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies that take-home pay has fallen due to higher income tax, National Insurance and council tax. In Greenwich, the average council tax bill has risen by £359 on a Band D bill since 1997.

Commenting on the news, Alistair, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich, said, “Mr Blair makes many proud boasts, but you won’t hear him telling the truth today that, for the first time in over a decade, families’ take home pay has been cut because of Mr Blair’s tax rises. So much for Mr Blair’s talk of helping hard-working families. They are now worse off thanks to his policies. Council tax alone has soared in this borough by 44% under Mr Blair, with further tax hikes planned in any Labour third term, through a rigged revaluation, new council tax bands and more fiddled funding.

“Imagine what five more years of Mr Blair would mean for Greenwich. Labour is borrowing, spending and wasting so much that as sure as night follows day, if Labour won the election, Mr Blair would raise taxes on hardworking families again, with the typical council tax bill hitting the £2,000 mark at the end of any Labour third term.

“Families that work hard and do the right thing need a government that recognises and rewards their efforts and that gets value for money for their taxes. So there is a clear choice at the next election – higher taxes and less money in your pocket under Mr Blair or lower tax and value for money with the Conservatives.”