Labour to cut train services from Eltham

Cllr Spencer Drury and a team of Eltham Conservatives have this week collected 300 signatures at Eltham Station against the proposals of the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) which were published in January 2005.  On Wednesday Cllr Drury presented the petition to Greenwich Council, asking for a response to the current situation.

The proposals will affect Eltham Station and the Bexleyheath line in the following ways:-

  • Ending the existing London Victoria to Dartford service
  • Reducing the number of London bound trains an hour from six to four off-peak.
  • Cutting the number of trains in each of the three-hour peak periods from 22 to 16 (that’s a 27% drop)

These plans will make the service from this station much worse.  This is the responsibility of the Labour Government which runs South East Trains and the Strategic Rail Authority. Peak period passengers will have to change at Lewisham to reach Victoria.  This means they will have to fit onto already crowded trains.

Cllr Drury, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham said, “These changes will mean a substantially reduced service for residents using Falconwood, Eltham and Kidbrooke stations.  I feel that The Labour Government, Mayor and Council don’t seem to care about our area, and infact their plans seem to be making things worse.  Who knows what damage another term of Labour government will do to our area?”

Labour failed to secure the Crossrail station in Woolwich and is now cutting our services in Eltham.  

Unsurprisingly, the government wants these cuts to happen in December 2005 – after the election.  Any train company which eventually wins the contact to provide the Eltham train service will be required to stick these plans..

Eltham's Labour MP is now claiming to be campaigning to stop these changes, but he is a member of the Transport Select Committee in the House of Commons and really should have been able to stop them before they got this far.  In our opinion, he is shutting the door after watching the horse bolt.