Council tax has gone through the roof under Mr Blair

The Government has published council tax figures for each council in the country, exposing that bills are rising by above inflation yet again across Britain. In Greenwich, council tax will be £1,180 for the forthcoming year on Band D bills. Yet new research has shown that since 1997, council tax bills have soared by £359 – 44%. In total, the typical household in Greenwich has paid £1,356 more council tax in total under the current Government.

Speaking as new bills hit the doorstep in Greenwich, Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich said, “The typical family in Greenwich has lost £1,356 in higher council tax bills since Labour came to power, despite Tony Blair’s pledge that he had ‘no plans to increase tax at all’. I fear that bills will rise even higher in any Labour third term, due to more fiddled funding, new council tax bands and a rigged council tax revaluation. Liberal Democrats in Parliament have voted with Labour to support these tax hikes.

“Labour have turned council tax into the ultimate stealth tax – engineered by Mr Blair to rise by above inflation every year, but with local councillors taking the blame when bills hit the doorstep.

“Britain needs to change direction; hard-working families and pensioners who have saved for security in retirement all deserve better. Conservatives will introduce a permanent 50% discount on council tax for the 65s and over, block Labour’s plans for new bands and a rigged revaluation, and review Labour’s changes to the funding settlement, so Greenwich can obtain a fairer deal.”