Greenwich Council's unnecessary tax rise

Greenwich Conservatives yesterday condemned the unnecessary and cynical tax rise by the Labour run Greenwich council.  The Labour Council voted for a 2.86% rise in Council Tax for the borough precept which will be combined with a 5.5% rise in the GLA part of the tax.  This means an above inflation total rise of 3.42%.  As a result, Band D Council Tax rises to £1,179.71 pa from £1,140.70 pa. 

The Conservative Group proposed no rise in the part of the Council tax levied by Greenwich Council.  Residents would still face a 1.16% rise in Council Tax because of the Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone’s rise.

Under Conservative proposals there would be no cuts in funding to social services or education instead it would be funded out of reducing the £51m reserves which the Council currently holds. This amounts to £235.35 for every man, woman and child in the borough.  The Council Tax rise would produce only £1.932m, so the reduction could continue for up to 25 years without any cuts.

Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group,and Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, Cllr Spencer Drury said, “Labour has raised Council Tax above the rate of inflation again despite the fact they received a massive 8% increase in funding from central government.  This Council takes its residents for granted so that even when the central government tries to encourage them to keep Council Tax increases low, they can’t help but take an increasing amount of people’s incomes.


“We suspect that Labour is going to hide behind the fact that there are higher rises in other parts of London but this is completely unacceptable.  Greenwich is currently placed 21st out of the 32 London boroughs in terms of how much Council tax it charges.”